How to be a part of the MyGui Community


Be inspired to share a real experience. There is a spot for every passion on MyGui. Even think outside the box for what your activity could hold.


2.Create and Build

Start designing what you would like to do with your adventurers. Follow the easy steps for placing it on MyGui. Remember the experience is as much about the activity as it is about you!


3.The MyGui Check

Once you have created your activity and placed your ABN in the designated area, it will go to MyGui for review. We will have a look over your activity and can assist and review your description, details and wording. In most cases, we will approve the activity promptly for you to begin sharing your activity with the world.


Encourage reviews. Once you have had your first adventurer, ask them how their experience was and if there could be a way to improve on your activity. Reviews will set you apart from other locals with a similar idea.

Why Become a Guide?

MyGui will sell, promote and advertise your experience.

Set your own prices and decide when, where and how often you want to take bookings.

Connect with likeminded people around the world – all with the support, tips and tools MyGui has to offer.

Free Videography is offered for all who join MyGui to increase sales and to show what you love about your job..

Expand your business model and let MyGui give you the opportunity to reach more customers.

Make new friends - giving you the opportunity to connect with people who share similar interests in a much more personalised environment.

Give people an opportunity to experience something never before experienced. The most exciting prospect MyGui has to offer is the opportunity it gives anyone with passion, excitement and love for a location or activity to share this with the world.

How to build your activity?  

Your activity should be as much about the activity as it is about you.

Who are you?

Your stories and experiences are what sets you apart from everyone else on this planet. People want to meet those who are willing, passionate and excited to share their life story, to give people a taste of what it’s like to walk in your shoes. You could be a retired military officer with a passion for fitness, who surfs every other weekend and happens to have a spare couple of boards in the shed.

Through sharing this passion with the rest of the world, you are not only provided with the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars – but have the ability to instil this passion into others, something they will remember and be excited to share with their friends and family for the rest of their lives.

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When building the activity remember to include:

The number of people per session.

The duration of each session.

Cost of each session. Per person.

A kind of step by step guide on what you will be doing.

Where you will be, where you will go and will you return to the same location.

Guest requirements - Age restrictions, set clothing, height restrictions, licenses, etc.

Location of where the activity will be.

Times and dates.

Noosa Surfing Activity Example

about surfing adventures


Sammy and Jay met eight years ago and have built a life together on the beautiful sunshine coast; "We have lived all over the sunshine coast, recently deciding to make Noosa our home and we couldn’t be happier. Living on the Sunshine Coast has truly been a dream come true, it’s incredible living near such amazing beaches and bushland, what more could you ask for! – The combination of urban, small town and coastal vibes couldn't make us happier. We have grown up loving the surf and sand and couldn’t believe our luck that we’re now able to make a living from it".

"Let us show you all the best spots on the coast, experience it all as if you are a local yourself"

What we will do

You can’t get out onto the big waves without first learning the proper stoke techniques and board basics. With our vast experience we are here to teach you exactly how to make your movements more efficient, ensuring you will not only get an amazing workout but also the skills required to help you hit up our coastal waves just like a local.

We will teach you how to beach launch, head out into the ocean, and ultimately stand and catch a few waves on the way back in. Every experience is different, with our beautiful coastal beaches, every adventurer has the opportunity to catch a wave with the added possibility of paddling with dolphins, turtles, whales and even Jellyfish!

Where we will be

We will begin starting at a private location in Noosa known only to us locals, on stunning soft sand and calmer waves to get you started. All this followed by a picnic lunch and if you choose a beautiful sunset.

Guest Requirements

Bring a bottle of water, swimmers/clothes that can get wet and a smile. We will handle the rest.