Guide Guidelines

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These standards help you and your activities earn great reviews. These standards are the beginning to the endless potential for the successful operation of your experience! By checking these ratings sent through by adventurers you can not only receive a perspective of how well you are doing, but also emphasise to potential adventurers how highly your experience is viewed and the reasoning for them to give it a go!

Displayed on your dashboard will be a listing of your ratings received for communication, booking process, accuracy and overall experience. Adventurers will also have the option to provide feedback; most likely wanting to show extra excitement about what your experience offers but also possible improvements that you may never have thought of yourself!

Another great feature on your MyGui dashboard is your ‘Calendar’. Be sure to maintain this and frequently update it to ensure adventurers know your exact availability for experience bookings.

When using MyGui be sure to keep your calendar and listing information updated at all times, this will increase your likelihood of receiving booking requests and the overall productivity of your profile.

By updating your calendar availability, you will ensure that you won’t receive bookings for dates when you are unavailable, as well as optimizing your chances of receiving bookings on the days you are. Through your MyGui profile you will be able to manage and use certain settings to allocate preparation time between bookings, as well as preventing over-booking. This can be done by setting limits to the amount of spots available to adventurers on those set days, matching your preferences according to your availability and resources.

If your Calendar is not managed appropriately, it will result in adventurers being discouraged following rejection due to over-booking session times and forcing negative reviews against your experience name impacting on your popularity and success! As a further consequence, if an excessive number of booking requests are declined, your profile may be temporarily deactivated until further explanation and effort is shown.

You must be contactable to the ‘Adventures’ before and after the activity. Please respond quickly to all prospective adventurers, whether they have a booking with you or a simple enquiry. This shows you are an attentive and considerate guide and are generally keen and eager to land a booking.

A goal should be set around aiming to respond to all requests within a 24hour period. This frequent and timely manner attitude will help to optimize your profile performance and ensure your ratings remain set at a high standard.

Remember, you set the guidelines for your experience, if an adventurer is not willing to comply to these then you have the right to decline this booking request. Please do so promptly and with a justified reasoning.

When you confirm a booking, they are trusting you to take care of their needs. Therefore if the unexpected happens and you can’t avoid cancelling a booking, keep the following in mind;

  • Let the adventurer know as soon as you have to cancel, giving them the chance to find a similar activity booking elsewhere.
  • If you know any other guides in the area, consider either asking them if they have any available bookings and/or pass on their information to the adventurers.
MyGui wants adventurers to make a booking, therefore we take cancellations very seriously. You can be subject to penalties – including financial penalties if you cancel a confirmed booking.

Adventurers are given the opportunity to rate their booking experience at the end of the whole process, contributing to the overall rating of your profile. It is important to keep this in mind and make the check in process is as clear and simple as possible.

Be sure to communicate your check in procedure in advance and make sure you are able to follow through with it. If something happens, the booking adventurer will need to know how to get in contact with you.

It is also important to provide detailed directions on how to get to the location, whether you are meeting them at the beach, your property, a park etc. They need to be able to find you with ease.

Please ensure all activity listings show accurate and current information, giving adventurers a clear expectation on what to expect before booking. As a guide, you need to ensure your listing provides detailed information about what the potential adventurer should expect when making a booking with you.

Remember, your adventurers have the opportunity to rate the accuracy of the information you provide. Having a detailed listing will not only increase your chances of more bookings, but will help you earn a great rating.

To make your profile more appealing to potential adventurers use high quality photos, captions and detailed descriptions on what your activity has to offer. Clearly outline the rules and key facts that may impact the booking – you do not want a whole family arriving to their scheduled booking when you only have enough space for two or three people.

It is important to also be honest about the unexpected factors that could impact your adventurers booking, whether that be the weather, road conditions, unexpected events ect. Making potential adventures aware of this before a booking is made will ensure a successful and smooth outcome.

The cost of your activity must be the same on MyGui as the cost you advertise elsewhere. Price is an important factor that needs to be considered with the necessity of having a fair and reasonable price for what you are offering. You can rise above your competitors by listing special extras that may be included with your session or providing a package deal. Whether that be a provided lunch, state of the art equipment or even free photography to capture the moment forever. Going that extra mile not only justifies why your price may be that little bit higher but it shows your adventurer the passion you have for the activity on offer.

A fully stocked and in-date first aid kit should be readily available at all times. Copies of local emergency numbers and directions to the nearest hospital should be shown to adventurers in case of an emergency.

Be mindful of your adventurers privacy – ensure you seek permission before taking photos, recording videos, storing personal information and posting to social media etc. Make sure you are aware of and comply with applicable federal, state and local laws.

Ensure that session times are spaced out and readily checked and updated online – do not let over-booking occur. By establishing safe occupancy limits at the start will help ensure this does not happen.

You need to run through your activity/experience with your adventurers and clearly outline any hazards or risks associated. Signs can be made to clearly mark out trip/slip hazards, wet floors etc. You could also provide adventurers with a written list, explain each during the introduction talk and have them sign off to show they have clearly understood all the potential risks/hazards involved.

It is the responsibility of the guide to ensure safety is maintained therefore MyGui will not be accounted for any personal injury, damage to equipment and machinery, theft or loss.

Advise customers on whether or not the activity/experience you are running is child safe or not – you may need to implement age limits. Further action may be required including implementing certain guidelines and rules associated with your experience with examples such as children must be capable of swimming; certain height or strength capabilities required to safely and actively participate etc.

Ensure your adventurers are advised of the current climate for the location in which your activity/experience will be held. You need to ensure it is clearly stated what equipment the adventurer must bring, whether that be sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, snow jackets, hiking boots, plenty of water etc. The more information and service you provide to your upcoming adventurers will ensure your reviews are written with high respect towards you.

On the off chance you allow pets at your activity/experience, be sure your adventurers are aware of the rules and regulations associated with bringing a pet - especially to certain locations. Local governments have rules on what parks and beaches pets are allowed to access as well as rules on leash use and cleaning up after your pets etc. These rules need to be readily accessible for adventurers to clarify. We would also encourage that you recommend ensuring the pet is fully up to date with all vaccinations, are desexed, microchipped and are friendly and safe to be around people, children and other pets.

To avoid any unwanted surprises, it’s a good idea to include information outlining set rules for your activity/experience on your MyGui listing profile. That way potential adventurers can view these before making a booking, ultimately agreeing to your terms and conditions.

Make sure you take into consideration how your chosen activity/experience may affect your neighbours, local government and the general public. You may need permission to make use of a certain space or have a certain time frame allocated to use an area for your experience. Doing your research will ensure you, your adventurer and the people around you are not disrupted.

It is your full responsibility to prevent any complaints or disturbances to others and MyGui is not associated with the situation as MyGui merely provides the opportunity to gain and connect with customers.

Please ensure you do your research on any permitting, zoning, safety and health regulations that may affect your chosen activity/experience.

Please remember to ensure you have adequate liability coverage, insurance and or equipment protection according to the activity/experience you have on offer.

  • Please note that MyGui has no control over the conduct of guides and disclaims all liability. Failure of guides to satisfy their responsibilities may result in the suspension and or deactivation of their account followed by possible removal from the MyGui website entirely.
MyGui will not be associated with any issues – as it has been elaborated that it is the guide’s responsibility to research and ensure they are following laws and regulations. Feel free to ask MyGui personnel any questions and they will offer any support or advice to the best of their ability, however, MyGui does not take responsibility.

So who can be a guide on MyGui? The answer is almost anyone! With free sign up and a platform to list your activity/experience all you need is the confidence, motivation and equipment to do so. If you have spare stand up paddle boards, hiking experience, a bird watching hobby or even a few extra horses out back you want to take trail riding, MyGui is the place for you.

You will receive a Remittance Advice, by email, on Wednesday of each week if you have had bookings for that week.

After the Activity 10% Commission plus 2% for Bank Fees is taken out and payment will be made on Thursday each week – directly into your Bank Account. The Weekly Payment will be for Activities completed prior to and including the Tuesday of each week.

For example: You have had an Adventurer come: Wednesday 1st July, Thursday 2nd July, Friday 3rd July, Saturday 4th July, Sunday 5th July, Monday 6th July and Tuesday 7th July.

On Wednesday 8th July you will receive an email with the ‘Remittance Advice’. Check this carefully as the amount shown will be deposited into your account on Thursday 9th July. If you find a discrepancy, email back showing what is wrong.