Terms & Conditions

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  1. 'MyGui' is the agent for these Experience Providers – called 'The Guides'. 'MyGui' is not the provider of the experience – 'The Guides' are independent and provide and accept all responsibility for the activity / experience. You – the customer of the experience are called – 'The Adventurer'.
  2. It is you – The Adventurers - responsibility during the booking process to ensure your email, address etc are correct. If no response is received within 24 hours contact 'MyGui' immediately.
  3. We endeavour to provide accurate up to date information in all promotional material of the independent Guide Activities. Each provider has their own terms and conditions. Please read all details carefully. For example: restrictions of age, health considerations etc. For more information contact your Guide immediately if you have a query or need to forfeit.
  4. Content on the site may vary from time to time. Some activities display availability dates on the website. The confirmation of your booking will provide the final details of the activity. Check this when you receive it. Contact 'The Guide' if you are unsure.
  5. When you receive your 'Confirmation of Your Booking' – 'The Guide' will contact you. 'The Guide' will provide all details, date, time, location, of your adventure to you after your booking has been confirmed.
  6. If you are having trouble getting in touch with your Guide here are a few suggestions:
    • Give your guide a little time to respond.
    • You can reach them by sending a message on 'MyGui', find your guide in your messages and send them a note.
    • Email or phone or send a text message to The Guide.
    • If you've taken these steps and your guide is still unresponsive you can contact MyGui.
  7. Any changes to the Booking once it is confirmed should be made directly to 'The Guide'.
  8. The 'MyGui' website endeavours to attract 'Guides' with a difference but accepts no responsibility or liability. You - The Adventurer -unconditionally agree to fully indemnify 'MyGui' and all relevant parties when participating in an experience. Any liability that 'MyGui' is accountable for is limited to the Value of the Booking made or the Gift Voucher.
  9. Adventurers Under 18 years need parental signatures depending on the Activity. Please contact the Guide for verification.
  10. Reviews – will be used at the discretion of 'MyGui'. For example: Content with foul language will not be used; both positive and negative reviews will be displayed. Reviews should focus on the experience, the guide etc and remember always contact 'The Guide' or 'MyGui' if you have any issue that can be resolved.
  11. Reviews posted on 'MyGui' may also be posted on facebook or other social media.
  12. A 'No Show' – if you Do Not turn up at an activity at the allocated time there is no refund or credit.
  13. The weather is unpredictable – so contact your 'Guide' directly. If your experience is cancelled due to the weather – it will be rescheduled at no cost to you. If you are unable to reschedule you can use this on a different activity or have a full refund.
  14. Cancellation of the Activity by 'The Guide' due to unforeseen circumstances will result in full refund or the purchaser being able to choose a different activity.
  15. Some experiences are considered dangerous. Be aware of the risks – especially relating to yourself. 'The Guide' will have relevant information on the 'MYGui' website as well as on your booking confirmation. Please read this - it is your responsibility to understand their restrictions.
  16. 'MyGui' is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage incurred during an activity. No claim or legal action will be brought toward 'MyGui.
  17. 'The Guide' provides the activity directly to the customer. 'MyGui' does not control the business operators of any activity. 'MyGui makes no guarantee or warranties about the activities provided to you.
  18. Queries, complaints or problems should be able to be resolved at the time with 'The Guide'. Please contact 'The Guide' or 'MyGui' for help.
    Contact Details: MyGui:
    Email: info@mygui.com.au
    Phone: 0438 361 268
  19. Some activities display availability dates on their website. These dates and times are guidelines only and are subject to change. When Booking check your confirmation for full details of the Activity.
  20. An activity may be removed from the website at any time without notice. If an Adventurer has any unused Bookings with the Guide they will be contacted immediately by email and / or phone. The Adventurer can then request a change of activity, a Gift Voucher or a Refund. 'MyGui' will not reimburse for any expenses incurred for example: travelling, accommodation etc. in the event of a cancellation.
  21. Bookings made through the MyGui Website are non-refundable. However, in most cases you may be able to change the Activity / Experience or turn into a Gift Voucher.
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  1. Agreeing to being a 'Guide' and having your Activity on 'MyGui' website you are accepting the 'MyGui' Terms and Conditions.
  2. Customers are referred to as – Adventurers.
  3. Contact 'MyGui' immediately if you have any queries or changes to your Activity.
  4. Immediately update any changes to your activity / experience on the MyGui website including times and dates on your calendar.
  5. The cost of your Activity must be the same on MyGui as the cost you advertise elsewhere.
  6. Contact 'MyGui' if you have any issues with an Adventurer that cannot be resolved.
  7. You must be contactable to the 'Adventurers' before and after the Activity.
  8. You must have adequate Public Liability Insurance.
  9. You must have all permits and requirements to provide your Activity/ experience.
  10. You must be honest, reliable and trustworthy.
  11. You must accept all bookings made through the 'MyGui' Website.
  12. If for unforeseen circumstances you have to cancel an Activity you MUST contact 'MyGui' and the Adventurer straight away. Failure to deliver activity / experience may lead to exclusion from MyGui.
  13. 'MyGui'' will endeavour to hand pick activities in a diverse range and not all activities will be selected to go on 'MyGui'. MyGui has the right to remove or refuse The Guide and the Activity from the Website.
  14. There are no set up Fees or payments to join the 'MyGui' Website. After the Activity 10% Commission plus 2% for Bank Fees is taken out and payment to the 'Guide' will be made on Thursday each week – directly into their Bank Account. The Weekly Payment will be for Activities completed prior to and including the Tuesday of each week.
  15. 'MyGui' is the agent for you the Experience Providers – called 'The Guides'. 'MyGui' is not the provider of the experience – 'The Guides' are independent and provide and accept all responsibility for the activity.
  16. The Guide Guidelines form part of the Terms and Conditions.
  17. The final approval of your activity will involve MyGui requesting your business ABN. MyGui will review your business and activity to determine if the activity is appropriate and follows MyGui’s Terms and Conditions. MyGui has the right to request more information from the Guide before approving the activity. If more information is required, MyGui will contact the Guide directly for proof of ID etc.