What is MyGui?

The Real Experience

MyGui is an Australian owned website designed to bring people of all ages, hobbies and passions together and share with people - The Real Experience.

You can take home the unique moments, interactions and stories – that are worth telling and remembering for years to come.

Founded on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland MyGui was designed to give visitors, locals and tourists experiences by passionate local guides and presenters.

"The MyGui community gives anyone with passion, excitement and love for a location or activity, the ability to share it with the world."

For the Adventurer - who is the visitor, local or tourist, MyGui provides an easy and safe way to book a diverse range of local experiences. For those wanting that personalised touch.

For the Guide – who loves and has the real experience, MyGui provides an opportunity to sell, promote, advertise and interact with Adventurers – sharing their part of the world.

"Peoples greatest memories and reviews of any experience always include the guide."

MyGui is a community that believes that the guide is a major part of any great experience.

MyGui is a created word from the words My Guide. Adam Taylor is the face that made – MyGui. When moving from the bush to Maroochydore his passion became a reality - Australian owned and operated from the Sunshine Coast Queensland – he says there is no better place to have The Real Experience.

The MyGui community is growing daily with new and unique experiences.